Tableau| 4 min read

Better Tableau REST API Security with Personal Access Tokens

Currently authentication of the REST API in Tableau is handled with personal login details. In order to authenticate you need to send your credentials, however in 2019.4 we also get the ability to use Personal Access Tokens. A new addition to the developer toolkit which means you don't need to expose your password!

Tableau| 7 min read

Off the hook! Automating Tableau with Webhooks

Tableau version 2019.4 will see the introduction of webhooks in the Tableau platform. Webhooks allow you to connect Tableau to your apps. This means that an action in Tableau can trigger another app.

Tableau| 3 min read

How to quickly scaffold a Tableau Extensions Manifest file

One of the first things you need to do when you start developing a Tableau Extension is to create a manifest file. Until now there was no quick way to quickly create this file. You had to go the the Tableau Github page and copy the contents of the sample file. However, after some quick dev-ing I created a CLI (command line interface) tool that you can use to rapidly scaffold such a file.