Tableau| 7 min read

Tableau Metadata API, GraphQL and how to get data with Alteryx - Part One

In late 2019 Tableau released the Metadata API. This is a new API that allows you to query assets and metadata about your Tableau systems. It allows you to track lineage, do impact analysis and find content on your server. In this first blog post I discuss what this new API can do, how it works and what GraphQL is. In the second post I will explain how to use Alteryx to connect and query the API.

VS Code| 4 min read

How to create a user snippet in VS Code

I write all my blog posts in markdown in VS Code. That's because this website is built with Gatsby and this tool makes it extremely easy to create pages with it. What I don't like about writing markdown, especially for a Gatsby blog, is that I have to write frontmatter each time I start writing. A quick way of scaffolding out this frontmatter is by using a VS Code User snippet. Let's take a look at how to create such a snippet.

Talks| 1 min read

Talk! New in Tableau: Trigger Events with Webhooks

In version 2019.4 Tableau released the ability to use webhooks in the platform. With webhooks you are able to integrate Tableau events in your own applications. An example could be a message in your Slack work space when a new workbook was published or a text message to your boss when an extract fails (options are endless). In this webinar my colleague Laine Caruzca and I went over how to configure these web hooks and how to use no-code solutions such as Zapier and IFTTT. Go to 'Read' to check out the recording!