Alteryx| 7 min read

How to integrate Alteryx with Slack

In this blog post I will explain how you can integrate Alteryx with Slack. This integration means you can interact with your Alteryx Gallery from within your Slack environment. This example includes slash commands to find a list of workflows in your Gallery and the ability to execute a workflow with said slash command.

Tableau| 3 min read

How to quickly scaffold a Tableau Extensions Manifest file

One of the first things you need to do when you start developing a Tableau Extension is to create a manifest file. Until now there was no quick way to quickly create this file. You had to go the the Tableau Github page and copy the contents of the sample file. However, after some quick dev-ing I created a CLI (command line interface) tool that you can use to rapidly scaffold such a file.

Tableau| 2 min read

How to Run Alteryx in a Tableau Dashboard

Ever wanted to execute your Alteryx workflows or analytic apps from within your Tableau dashboard? Read how in this blog!