Talks| 1 min read

Talk! New in Tableau: Trigger Events with Webhooks

In version 2019.4 Tableau released the ability to use webhooks in the platform. With webhooks you are able to integrate Tableau events in your own applications. An example could be a message in your Slack work space when a new workbook was published or a text message to your boss when an extract fails (options are endless). In this webinar my colleague Laine Caruzca and I went over how to configure these web hooks and how to use no-code solutions such as Zapier and IFTTT. Go to 'Read' to check out the recording!

Tableau| 6 min read

5 Reasons Why You Should Join the Tableau #DataDev Hackathons

The final Tableau 2019 hackathon which took place on the 12th of November at the Tableau Conference was the last session organised by the Tableau Developer team in 2019. In this blog I give 5 Reasons why you should join the next Tableau Developer Hackathon.

Tableau| 4 min read

Better Tableau REST API Security with Personal Access Tokens

Currently authentication of the REST API in Tableau is handled with personal login details. In order to authenticate you need to send your credentials, however in 2019.4 we also get the ability to use Personal Access Tokens. A new addition to the developer toolkit which means you don't need to expose your password!