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Hi! I'm Andre

I'm a Solutions Engineer who is passionate about working at the intersection of data, web development and the cloud. I'm an AWS Certified Developer and a Tableau DataDev Ambassador. I like to write & teach about data analytics, web development & the cloud.

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    JavaScript -- views

    Google Sheets as a Backend with Next.js

    With the data fetching strategies in Next.js you can turn almost any database into your own backend. In this blog post you will learn how I quickly and securely used Google Sheets as a CMS for a static site built with Next.js.
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    Tableau -- views

    Embedding with Tableau Online: An Overview

    Lately, we've been getting more and more client requests and interest in using Tableau Online for embedding Tableau dashboards into custom applications. With the majority of tools and applications moving to a managed cloud-hosted service they would also like to do that with Tableau. Often we recommend a self-hosted Tableau Server as this gives the most flexibility and all server features. Let's take a look at how Tableau Online and Server differ and when Online might be a good solution for embedded analytics..
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    AWS -- views

    Deploying multiple AWS Amplify environments on Vercel

    I am working on a large Next.js project that uses Vercel for hosting and some of the backend is provided by AWS Amplify. I had to find a way to link specific Amplify environments to different Git branches and deployment branches on Vercel. This didn't seem as straightforward as expected.

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