Tableau| 1 min read

How to Embed Tableau Dashboards into Salesforce

There are many ways of embedding a Tableau Dashboard into Salesforce. I recorded two videos that show how to do that. In the first one I'm showing the easy way with no coding involved. The second video uses a Visualforce page that integrates with a Tableau dashboard. Click on 'Read' to watch the videos.

JavaScript| 5 min read

How to use a 'do... while' loop for API pagination

Many APIs provide their data in several pages. In order to grab all of the data of these pages you have to make multiple API requests in a loop. In JavaScript there are multiple ways of writing such a loop. In this blog I take a look at the 'do... while' loop.

Alteryx| 7 min read

Tableau Metadata API, GraphQL and how to get data with Alteryx - Part Two

In late 2019 Tableau released the Metadata API. This is a new API that allows you to query assets and metadata about your Tableau systems. It allows you to track lineage, do impact analysis and find content on your server. In this second blog post I discuss how to query the GraphQL API and how to use Alteryx get get data out of the API is.