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Hi! I'm Andre

I'm a Solutions Engineer who predominantly works with analytics tools such as Tableau & Alteryx. I'm an AWS Certified Developer and a Tableau DataDev Ambassador. I like to write & teach about data analytics, web development & the cloud.

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    Deploying multiple AWS Amplify environments on Vercel

    I am working on a large Next.js project that uses Vercel for hosting and some of the backend is provided by AWS Amplify. I had to find a way to link specific Amplify environments to different Git branches and deployment branches on Vercel. This didn't seem as straightforward as expected.
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    The Basics of using Docker

    Docker is a great tool for creating, running and deploying your applications but it can all be a bit overwhelming. This blog post looks at some of the Docker concepts that should help you get started with this platform.
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    NEW! The easiest way to embed Tableau into Salesforce

    At The Information Lab, we have lots of Tableau users and customers that are interested in integrating the power of their interactive data visualisations with Salesforce. This has always been possible but it needed a little bit of coding wizardry to embed Tableau in a Salesforce page. Therefore this was not accessible for everyone. But this has changed! You can now use the easy to configure drag and drop Lightning Web Component (LWC) that Tableau has just released! Let's take a look at this new feature in this blog post.

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