About me

Tableau & Alteryx

Hi! I am Andre 👋 and I am a Solutions Engineer. I currently work for The Information Lab in London. My main role there is to help people see and understand their data by using these two industry leading data analytics tools. In the last few years I’ve been focusing more and more on building and delivering educational content around data & data visualisation. I am also involved with our Dataschool - this is a 2-year program focused on creating the next batch of great data analysts. At the Dataschool I teach various topics, ranging from ‘Working with APIs’ to ‘Introduction to Regular Expressions’. I am also a Certified AWS Cloud Practitioner and an AWS Certified Developer ☁️.

Web Development

I also regularly blog and work on web development and creative coding projects. This is often in relation to Tableau and Alteryx. Although I don’t really like to use the word ‘developer’. To me this sounds a bit like I’m stuck in a basement coding all day 🤓. That’s not really what I do. I mainly use web technologies to help others be successful with Tableau & Alteryx. My front-end framework of choice is React and I’m also using D3.js if I feel up for it. Early on in my career I focused on Python but in the last few years I primarily write JavaScript. If you want to get a sense of what I create, then head over to my Github page.


I have designed and delivered a whole host of training sessions in more than 10 countries across four continents. In 2019 alone I taught Tableau and Alteryx to more than a 1000 people. The training content ranges from introducing Tableau & Alteryx to specific topics such as using APIs and web development related topics.